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Gene's World and Gene and You for the elementary school student. Click here for more information.








Also check our books for middle school and high school but we NO LONGER SELL THEM AT THIS TIMEhere.

Can Genetics Be Fun for You?

"Hey! Want to come over after school and extract some DNA together?" It may not be the typical middle school conversation, but you might hear it from kids who have been using Science2Discover's books, Call Me Gene/My Name Is Gene and Fun With Gene.

Call Me Gene/My Name Is Gene are narrated by a gene who walk you through major advances in genetics, from Gregor Mendel's experiments with pea plants to modern animal cloning and the Human Genome Project...

Knock! Knock! Who's there? A messenger from certain proteins informs me that it is time for me to wake up, since my home is about to divide. I panic. In order for my home, the cell, to divide, I need to make more of me! As shown in Figure 13, cell division occurs at the end of the cell cycle. The cell cycle is important because that is how dead cells are replaced with new ones.

(From Call Me Gene, page 34)

a terrific book... [The authors] have taken a complex topic and made it an enjoyable and informative read with clear graphics targeted perfectly for middle school students.. Phyllis Clay- 6-8 Science Curriculum Specialist, Fountain Valley School District.  

"I have read Call Me Gene and found it perfectly delightful! You have produced a well thought out basic genetics book geared for the middle school student with lovely graphics." Christine L. Carter, Ph.D., M.P.H. Geneticist, Medical Department, Celera Genomics (Celera was involved in decoding a draft of the Human Genome in June 2000 and only recently, the laboratory mouse).


So discover and explore science books that will help you succeed while having fun!


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